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Hair transplant in Turkiye

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How much is hair transplant with Aestepool?

for patients from Europe and other countries of the world, a hair transplant in Turkiye is a good solution.! For various reasons, the price of hair transplantation in this country is much lower.

Price of hair transplant in Turkey method FUE is around 2300-3500 €, and it includes accomodatoin in 5* hotel (for the patient and the accompanying person), meals, transports and online consultation directly with Dr Ahmed Altan for 1 year until get final result.

The above-mentioned hair transplant price (including benefits) applies, among others, to Aestepool Clinic in Istanbul –one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkiye.

The founder is Dr. Ahmed Altan, who, after years of medical studies at the best universities in Bulgaria and Germany, has successfully carried out hair transplantation treatments on over 9,000 patients!

at the Aestepool Clinic patients can take advantage of two service packages.

Package Standard,providing the facilities mentioned, costs 2490 € and includes more dates available. You can extend it with support of a English-speaking guardian at no extra charge.

If you do not speak English at a communicative level, you can use the more expensive option where we provide a translator / tutor in your native language (Spanish, Polish, Italian or French).

how much does a hair transplant cost in europe

the most common price in Europe for a hair transplant is for one hair follicle.

There are many clinics in Europe and whole world that offer their services at a bargain price. Most of them calculate the service for the transplanted hair follicle, so the final price may differ from the forecast.

The price of a hair transplant in Turkiye differs from the price of a hair transplant in Europe for a number of reasons. One of them is a number of legal provisions in the European Union. Another reason is the cost of maintaining the business, staff, and adapting the premises to carry out the hair transplant business, hence the price varies.

The reason for the price of the hair transplant.

Although hair transplantation is the only way for many people to regain a thick hairstyle, it is often put off by the price.

Hair transplant in Europe usually costs at least 5000 euros. The exact amount depends on many factors, but most of all on the size of the treated area. The cost of one hair follicle transplant ranges from 3 euros to even 5 euros, and the average number of transplanted hair follicles is 2000-2500 with small bends.

The cost of FUE hair transplantation in Europe is high (2500 grafts x 3 euros = 7500 euros).

The price for one graft implantation also includes medical costs and the knowledge and experience of a surgeon performing such a procedure. It should be remembered that not always the transplanted 2500 grafts will grow 100%, so we can pay for something that we will not have in the future.

During the several hours of hair transplant surgery  , you will not conscientiously count each transplanted hair follicle to make sure that the amount provided has been implanted.

At the Aestepool Clinic, the price for the hair transplant procedure is fixed, regardless of the number of transplanted hair follicles.

If more than expected during the procedure, the price does not change , because what counts for us is the final result and a satisfied patient. It takes years of study and great skill to pick up a hair follicle correctly, and then implant it in the recipient site so that it grows strong, healthy hair at the right angle. In our clinic, an educated in this field with enormous experience is responsible for this Dr Ahmed Altan.


The price of the Premium Package includes the transplant procedure, the most important stages of which are performed personally by Dr. Ahmed Altan. On this day, only one hair transplant is performed by Dr. Ahmed Altan, the entire team is focused solely on one patient. The Premium package offers meticulous counting and selection of all grafts under a microscope. The price also includes the creation of single-hair implants from multi-hair implants in order to obtain a natural hairline. In most cases, the donor zone does not have enough single-hair units for the hairline to be created solely from single-hair implants, which is why Dr. Ahmed Altan offers a solution to achieve natural results.

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