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Hair transplant in Turkiye

Can anyone do a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation can be done for anyone who has no contraindications for surgery, e.g. uncontrolled diabetes, scalp diseases, uncontrolled hypertension or carriers of infectious diseases.

What can exclude a patient from a hair transplant?

We do not undertake hair transplantation in case of a positive result for the presence of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV virus. Unstable diabetes or other chronic diseases that may endanger health or life during the procedure.

How to book an appointment for a hair transplant surgery?

If the patient is qualified for hair transplantation procedure by Dr Ahmed Altan, then after determining the available dates, we reserve a convenient one based on the purchase of an airline ticket.

Does the hair transplant surgery hurt?

We carry out hair transplant treatments painlessly based on the latest technology of hair transplantation. After the anesthetic has stopped working, the pain is also not felt.

Should you take care of the transplanted hair in particular?

The patient receives the doctor’s recommendations in English/ Spanish/ Polish and along with them the medicines and cosmetics necessary for care immediately after the  hair transplant procedure.

Do we transplant hair from another part of the body?

There is such a possibility, but we reach for it as a last resort, because there is much less chance that such hair will grow back successfully. Most often it is a beard.

Can hair transplant be done at any age?

Hair transplantation can be done at any age. Age is not a limitation, but health and stabilized alopecia.

Am I a good candidate for a hair transplant?

Pictures of the head from the front, back, both sides and top should be sent to us for this information.

How long is your stay in Istanbul?

The entire stay in Istanbul hotel a lasts two hotel days and the hair transplant  procedure can be performed on Saturday, e.g. departure from Europe on Friday evening, surgery on Saturday and return to Home on Sunday, the next day in the afternoon.

How long does a hair transplant take?

The hair transplant procedure takes 6 to 10 hours. Qualified medical personnel, working as efficiently as possible, tries to shorten this time as much as possible.

Can the price of the hair transplant change during the procedure?

The price for the hair transplant procedure is fixed and does not change during the procedure. If the Aestepool team manages to collect more hair follicles than the forecasted amount, the price does not change.

Is it possible to finance the procedure?

Yes, We cooperate with a groups that finances medical treatments. For more details ask representative in Yours country.

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