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Aestepool Clinic managed by Dr. Ahmed ALTAN is located in the most prestigious district Zeytinburnu, in the European part of Istanbul . They adhere to the principle “Nothing is as important as human and health”, therefore they constantly strive to raise standards

Aestepool Clinic performs Hair Transplant on the ninth floor of the hospital, by renting out your space. Thanks to the assurance of the highest quality and the latest technology of the equipment, it allows the clinic to be a leader in hair transplantation in Istanbul . People accompanying our patients can use the on-site hospital restaurant. During the procedure, patients can also ask for a traditional meal of Turkish and European cuisine. Thanks to the high standards and equipment of the clinic, we are able to perform a blood analysis on the day of the procedure and provide other amenities during your stay. Our team consists of medical educated staff headed by Dr. Ahmed Altan , supervising the course of the entire hair transplant, personally carrying out the most important stages for each patient. Each member of our team is responsible for an individual task, thus being a perfectionist in their task.
hair transplant clinic turkey
hair transplant clinic turkey
hair transplant clinic turkey
hair transplant clinic turkiye

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Three days in Aestepool clinic.

1st day- arrival

The first day of stay is planned for the arrival and check-in at the Hotel. On this day, you can visit Istanbul.

2nd day- surgery

We start the day with a rich breakfast, blood test, then consultation and hair transplant, which will last 6-8 hours.

3rd Day- departure

On the third day it is planned to check out from the hotel, remove the dressing, wash the head, consult and return home

Consultation online


We start contact with an online consultation. To find out if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant, send in good quality photos (lighting, sharpness) in five angles (front, back, both sides, top). Based on the photos, Doctor Altan initially assesses whether and how many grafts can be transplanted within 24 hours. After the first positive decision, complete a medical questionnaire that allows you to verify your health.

Booking the procedure


If you pass the initial consultation, you will receive a personalized offer that includes the prices of available packages and the corresponding dates of treatments. During the consultation, please express your interest in the period in which you want to perform the hair transplant. The next step is paying the reservation fee, in the case of choosing the Standard package of sending electronic flight tickets.

Hair transplant Turkiye


Upon arrival in Istanbul, Turkiye, a private driver will be waiting for you at the airport to arrange transportation throughout your stay. On the day of arrival (the day before surgery), only check-in is required. The next day, after breakfast, your private driver will drive you to the clinic. We start the hair transplant with a consultation with Doctor Altan and a blood test. The procedure takes 6-10 hours and is painless. The next day is dedicated to consultation, on that day you can go home.

Post-surgery care


We focus on a high level of post-treatment service. Patients after hair transplantation surgery in our clinic have unlimited contact with a consultant and Doctor. We are distinguished by the possibility of direct consultation of the effects with Doctor Altan, enabling direct contact with him. For the next 30 days, we show special care and provide guidance to our patients to achieve the best end result.

Kazlıçeşme Mah. Demirhane cad. Büyükyalı H blok 34020,

34360 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkiye

+90 542 100 61 26


+90 542 100 61 26



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