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Hair Transplant Turkiye

We specialize in hair transplant and using method Micro FUE sometimes DHI. Our Offer is dedicated for person whose wants to restore hair and be happy of new life becouse of done hair transplant.

About Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr Ahmed Altan

Aestepool Clinic is a spiecialist hair transplant clinic located in Turkiye, distinguished by an individual approach to each patient..

My name is Dr Ahmed Altan and I am the chief surgeon in our hair transplant clinic. I personally complete the most important steps of the procedure.  The number of monthly treatments (only several dozen) and my presence during each hair transplant stands for our quality and professionalism.

The price, quality and short waiting time for the treatment are the greatest benefits of hair transplant in our clinic in Turkiye.

Having representatives of the clinic in many European countries and we encourage you to take advantage of meeting them in your country and get the best advice before having hair transplantation in Turkiye.

Dr Ahmed Altan

Ahmed Altan - Chirurg plastyczny
Hair Transplant Clinic • Dr Altan • Turkey •

00.7 mm Micro FUE

The modern Micro FUE method allows for non-invasive surgical intervention and faster convalescence.

Natural hairline

The restore hairline is consulted with each patient to obtain the best natural effect …


HAIR TRANSPLANTATION We want to achieve the best effect without damage and irreversible changes in the donor area.


Hair transplant in Turkiye

Micro FUE - metoda przeszczepu włosów

MICRO FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

Micro FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) consists of three stages: collecting grafts from the donor area, opening the canals and implanting hair follicles into the canals in the recipient area. Durrin hair transplant Doctor uses a modern tool (the so-called puncher) with a diameter of 0.7 mm. Method Micro FUE is painless and leaves no visible scars.

Hair transplant in Turkiye by FUE we also make with the help of sapphire tools. A blade made of sapphire is smooth and won’t make jerky cuts that better fit the hair follicles. The recovery process after the hair transplant is faster, leaving no traces.

DHI - Direct Hair Implantation

DHI– Direct Hair Implantation

DHI consists of two steps: removal of grafts and implantation of hair follicles while opening the canals with Choi’s pen. Dr. Ahmed Altan is using DHI procedure, very rarely. Methods DHI is faster than FUE but it is not a suitable choice for every patient.

Hair transplant in Turkiye by DHI however, it is more expensive and its effects may differ slightly from those obtained after  FUE transplantation.

Przeszczep włosów u Kobiet

Hair transplant for womens

Not only men suffer from hair loss, women for whom we offer hair transplant services also struggle with this problem.

The hair loss process in women differs from male pattern baldness in that they lose their hair without preserving the donor area, unlike men. This is not a problem that disqualifies women from having a hair transplant, you can still get very good results.

Women’s hair transplant is performed using the DHI method, it does not require cutting the hair as in the case of traditional Micro FUE. This method allows for the implantation of new hair follicles between the already growing hair.

For women, we recommend that you first find the cause of your hair loss and treat it. If this solution does not work, we recommend a hair transplant for women.

Przeszczep brody

Beard hair transplant

A long, thick and well-groomed beard is in fashion. However, many men cannot afford it due to the not too thick facial hair. The solution to this problem is hair beard transplant.

Micro FUE hair transplantation is done in the same way as for the head hair transplant and consists of three stages.

The first step is to collect hair follicles (grafts) from the donor area. During the second stage, a plastic surgeon dr Altan designs the chin line and opens the channels. The third step is implanting grafts into opened channels. The entire beard transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is painless.

Przeszczep brwi

Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow transplantation in women is a relatively minor procedure, 99% performed on women. The brow bone is thickened by the method micro FUE or DHI.  , As in  traditional scalp hair transplantation, the donor area is the occiput of the head.

Eyebrow hair transplantation is most often performed during hair transplantation in women as a supplement to the procedure.



Doctor of hair transplant

Dr Ahmed Altan

The most important stages of the hair transplant are performed by Dr. Ahmed Altan.

Doctor of hair transplant

2 patients daily

We are doing maximum two surgeries daily.

Experienced team

Permanent, experienced and specialized medical team.


A English/ Spanish/ Polish-speaking translator during the stay at the clinic.

5000 grafts

We transplant up to 5,000 grafts during one transplant operation.

stable price

Stable price, regardless of the amount of hair transplanted.

Hair transplant europe

Consultation in EUROPE

Consultation point in EUROPE, where we qualify for hair transplantation.

Online consultation with the Doctor

for a period of 12 months you have unlimited contact with Dr. Ahmed Altan

5* reviews provenexpert

five stars reviews on


What saying about AestePool

Opinie pacjentów

Opinion abouy AestePool

See opinions about AestePool and use our services. Get rid of your baldness complexes once and for all and join the group of satisfied patients.

“Everything was very well organized. On-site care is great, as is the procedure itself, I highly recommend it!”

Grzegorz K.

Patient, Aestepool Clinic- Dr. Ahmed Altan

I am very pleased with the effects of the treatment. Perfect customer approach. Everything perfectly organized.
Transfer from the airport to the hotel, check-in and transport to the clinic. Hotel at a high level.
On the day of the surgery, I was informed about the entire process by Dr. Altana. After the first consultation (online), I was supposed to have about 3200 grafts transplanted, but Dr. Altan informed me that I would be transplanted 3700 grafts 🙂
The team is very nice and polite, you can see that they care for each patient. Dr. Altan oversaw all stages, but also performed key parts of the procedure.
In addition, professional support after the procedure from both Dr. Altana and the caregiver from Poland.
Nice, fast and fun. I recommend!

Łukasz W.

Patient, Aestepool Clinic- Dr. Ahmed Altan

Everything at the highest level: service, organization, treatment and, above all, the end result. I recommend!

Tomasz W.

Patient, Aestepool Przeszczep włosów w Turcji

I am one of Dr. Altana’s mega satisfied patients.
The trip to Turkey turned out to be a bull’s eye, mainly thanks to two people.
Damian, the man who arranged everything still in Poland, and Dr. Altana, who made a miracle on my head.

In general, the entire organization of the trip, i.e. pickup from the airport, hotel accommodation and the treatment itself, was perfect.

The procedure itself took place in a modern, professional clinic, the medical service was very nice, Dr. Altan, a mega professional, and of course the effect of the procedure itself.

I recommend to everyone.

Daniel K.

Patient, Aestepool Clinic- Dr Ahmed Altan

I am a happy patient of the clinic. Dr. Gazebo is an excellent specialist, together with his team they take care of every detail.
The entire procedure was carried out in a professional manner (sterile conditions, appropriate care, hotel and transport provided). Everything as expected.
Additionally, the Damian representative will answer every question, translate and advise.
I certainly recommend it to anyone.
The effect speaks for itself …

Paweł T.

Patient, Aestepool Clinic- Dr Ahmed Altan


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Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Adrian
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Adrian
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Damian
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Daniel
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Jakub M.
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Jarek Be.
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Michał W
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Łukasz W.
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Michał N.
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Łukasz
Metamorfoza przeszczepu włosów - Wojtek B.

Where to start to make an appointment for a hair transplant?

Before making an appointment, you must successfully complete the hair transplant qualification process. This can be done in two ways, by sending photos and a survey, or at a stationed point in Poland or Italy.

Who performs hair transplant surgery in Turkiye?

The most important stages on which the final effect depends are performed personally by Dr. Ahmed Altan, the owner of Aestepool Clinic. We provide patients with a medical graduation diploma in order to authenticate the title.

How long is your stay in Istanbul?

The entire stay in Istanbul two hotel days and the hair transplant procedure can be performed on Saturday, for example departure from Yours country on Friday evening, surgery on Saturday and return to Home on Sunday, the next day in the afternoon.

How long does a hair transplant take?

The hair transplant procedure takes 6 to 10 hours. Qualified medical personnel, working as efficiently as possible, tries to shorten this time as much as possible.

Can the price of the hair transplant change during the procedure?

The price for the hair transplant procedure is fixed and does not change during the procedure. If the Aestepool team manages to collect more hair follicles than the forecasted amount, the price does not change.

When can I go back to work?

The ability to work allows you to come back the next day after the procedure. If you work in direct handling, you should take into account visible surgical intervention up to 7 days. It is recommended to return to physical work after 14 days.

Is there a guarantee of the effect of transplanted hair?

If the effect after 12 months is inadequate to the number of transplanted hair follicles, we guarantee a repair procedure. The guarantee is the content of the contract signed in yours native language.

Do We transplant hair from another part of the body?

There is such a possibility, but we reach for it as a last resort, because there is much less chance that such hair will grow back successfully. Most often it is a beard.


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