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Hair loss occurs in more than 40% of men after age 35 and in approximately 8-9% of women. Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is responsible from more than 95% of hair loss in men. Hair loss is seen even more than 70% of man after age 65.

Average number of hair follicles on the scalp is around 110.000 and if someone loses around 100 hair daily this is a real hair loss.

Hair loss is a major concern for many people today and hair transplant is most commonly cosmetic surgery for men lately. Also there are other short-term methods like 85% of male Patients are using minoxidil or 15% of them are using finasteride as chemicals and there are lasers, shampoos,hair-care cosmetics, massagers and maybe others. There is no proven efficacy of any of them except they increase volume of existing hair even chemicals have some side effects and patients decide to stop using them and then they lose more then before because of changes in hormonal balance.

Contrary to popular opinion most of people suffering from hair loss is unhappy even some of them obsessive and as health is a state of complete physical and mental wellbeing. If people suffering from hair loss is unhappy we can not say they are totally healthy.

The methods of Dr. Okuda and Dr. Orentreich remained the standard replacement procedures for the next three decades. Micro-grafting improvements in 1980’s introduced a more natural look in the frontal hairline. Aesthetic qualities were realized with the new developments.

Follicular unit hair restoration was credited to Dr. Bob Limmer in 1988. Numerous practitioners attempted duplications not knowing this area demands a high degree of difficulty to remedy hair loss. Experienced specialists recommend only professionals to attempt follicular unit hair replacement.

Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT,Strip method) is out of date for man already by 2000s. And most commonly we perform FUE and subtypes today which we will talk about it further in this text.